Wednesday, November 7, 2018

One Room Challenge- Final Reveal

Wow.... So the Fall 2018 One Room Challenge is officially over... Things are now back to a "controlled busy"... which I prefer :) I'm not going to lie... I contemplated becoming an ORC dropout for a brief second (during week 3 to be exact)...but who does that?!? If you haven't been following along feel free to catch up here----> (tarty to the party) or follow my Instagram.

I'm sorry... this might be a semi-long blog... I apologize ahead of time...

When I first started this project I honestly had no idea what I was getting into. It sounded simple enough... I mean this is what I do right?!? No one knows my style better than I do so it was going to be a simple, easy peasy "challenge". Ha!

My intention from the beginning was to create a comfortable, yet stylish sitting room. The ONLY thing I kept from my previous room was 1 lamp (an obligatory thing)... I knew that I wanted to mix metals and I knew that I wanted texture... I bought my "staple" pieces (the loveseats, chairs & art) but made sure that everything else could be "replaced" without upsetting the balance. With the pieces I chose, I could easily switch out side tables, throw pillows and decor.

I wanted to keep the room simple and easy. Clutter and unnecessary pieces BE GONE!  One thing I always tell my clients... (well there's 2 actually)

1. Just because there is space in a room does not mean something has to go there.
2. Please, don't line every piece of furniture up against a wall if you don't have to.

Ohhh... the art <3 ... The canvas I chose was from an incredible artist out of New Jersey. Her work is brilliant. You can follow her on instagram here. I was amazed by all the talent I found along this short 6 week journey.

Three things I made sure to do and remember throughout this challenge.

1. Always, always read reviews
2. Measure and mark... I used tape on the floor to measure the size of the loveseats, chairs, rugs... pretty much everything before I ordered it.
3. "Details are not the details, they make the design" -Charles Eames

I will be making an in depth post about the items I used in my room next week, but feel free to contact me with any questions!

Let's take a quick look at the "before"...

Sad, I know. Even the poor plant was depressed. I still love the sofa and chair, but it was time for a change. Anyway...

Here are the completed ORC photos <3  


My photographer is awesome. Not only was she understanding when I had to reschedule the 1st shoot (I was stuck waiting on a package), but she took these photos & edited them in time for this... Thank You Liz! You can check out her website here.

I love how this room turned out. It's much more open, therefore making it appear larger in size. The conversation area is clearly defined... and I stuck with the color blue which I love. Thank you to all who have followed along on this fun and exciting transformation. I appreciate you!

Chicly Yours,


Thursday, November 1, 2018

One Room Challenge- Week 5

So here it goes... I've decided to participate in something called the One Room Challenge . This is a national event, where designers and decorators transform a room in 6 (yes...SIX) weeks. Every participant has the option to work on a client's space or their own. I have decided to do this challenge with my own living room. It's really a sitting room, as I don't have a television in it, but it's one of the first rooms you see when walking into my home........ and it needs some LOVE. Every week I will be giving an update on what is happening through my blog and Instagram.  For six weeks I will be inviting you into my home, and what I'm sure will be a chaotic mess (packed full of bloopers and surprises) to see first hand what goes into a transformation. I will be getting new flooring, furniture and decor. (well, that's the plan anyway, ha!) The challenge starts October 4th, with the final "reveal day" on November 8th.

Bring on Nov. 8th!!!! It's hard to believe we are in the 5th week of the ORC. Things have been moving right along. Flooring is installed, artwork is hung, and now it's all about furniture placement and final touches... the "styling" portion of it all...

My goal with this room was to create a comfortable, yet stylish area. Mixing metals and finishes was always part of the plan. I also wanted to add depth by introducing different textures. Texture makes a room interesting. It appeals to both our visual and tactile senses. There are so many different ways to do this, but I chose layering as my primary method.

Here are a few updated photos...

I have photography scheduled for this coming Sunday (pushing it...I know), and I'm so excited to share the "final reveal" on the 8th. Maybe I'll follow up with a cocktail party?!?... that seems appropriate ha ha... Anyway, thank you for following along with me on this 6 week journey.

Chicly Yours,